Common Questions

Who is driving the Vistance Learning initiative?

Rideau’s senior leaders are the driving force behind the Vistance Learning initiative. This project has been developed to help employees grow and enhance their skills in their day-to-day work. Each module is customized to suit the needs of individual Managers.

Do you have questions that are not addressed in these FAQs?

If you have a question that is not addressed by the FAQs, just click the “Contact Us” link. Fill out the available form and a client services representative will respond.

What is the Recognition Skills Assessment (RSA)?

The RSA is an online assessment that helps determine the types of learning modules that best help you recognize better. Based on the results of your RSA, you are assigned a learning plan with specific learning modules to complete.

Who will see my RSA results?

The results of your RSA are completely confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone other than you.

How long does it take to perform the RSA?

The RSA is a short form assessment that takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Will I be asked to take the RSA again?

Yes. You are asked to complete the RSA once each year. This allows for a follow-up assessment to be made. Based on these assessments, a new batch of courses are assigned, corresponding to areas for improvement.

How do the learning modules work and what are they about?

There are 20 modules designed to support each of the behaviours evaluated through the Recognition Skills Assessment. Each module addresses behaviours and attitudes identified by business experts as being essential for giving the kind of recognition that improve employee engagement and performance.

These behaviourally-focused learning modules fall under five skill categories: Appreciative Listening, Recognition Talking, Praiseworthy Actions, Rewarding Giving and Acknowledging Intent.

What process do I follow to complete the modules most effectively?

Once you have completed the RSA, you are assigned your first few learning modules. Each module follows a similar process:

  1. An Instruction page (including any accessibility instructions, if needed).
  2. An Introduction video featuring recognition expert Roy Saunderson.
  3. The module itself, featuring both imagery and audio.
  4. A Conclusion video to end the lesson.
  5. An Action Plan. Complete your Action Plan as soon as possible to ensure optimal results.
Is there audio in the learning modules?

Yes. It is recommended that you use speakers or headphones to get the full interactive learning experience.

Can I complete the modules from my home instead of the office?

Yes, you are able to complete the learning modules at home. You need your Rideau Connectionsusername and password to access the site.

There is a “Do it Later” feature for the Action Plan portion of the learning module. Do I need to complete this?

It is highly recommended that you complete your Action Plan sooner rather than later in order to fully benefit from the learning you have received. It is possible to select the “Do it Later” function and come back to complete your Action Plan at a later date.

What is the main purpose of the “Coach’s Corner”?

The Coach’s Corner is a special section dedicated to leaders and managers, to help them improve upon their recognition skills.

This section is packed full of tips, special content and videos that help to explain the importance of giving recognition properly and consistently.

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