Vistance Learning is a prescriptive online assessment and learning management system to help leaders improve their organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), through critical development, employee recognition and engagement skills.

The initial concept for Vistance was created in 2007 from a “think tank” of organizational psychologists and recognition experts hired by Rideau Recognition Solutions to determine whether employee recognition has a measurable impact on business outcomes.

How does it work?
Vistance applies predictive analytics to employee recognition and organizational KPI data to determine how your recognition strategy can move the dial in the right direction with your organization’s overall Return on Investment (ROI).

Simply put:

Vistance is the art and science of performance.

A Workforce Mood Tracker survey states that 69 percent of employees would work harder if they were better recognized; 78 percent said being recognized motivates them in their job; 49 percent said they would leave their current job for a company that clearly recognized employees for their efforts and contributions

Through the use of Vistance, companies have seen improvement rates in the following areas:


Engagement: 86 percent

Employee Retention: 95 percent

Productivity: 78 percent

The platform features a wide selection of lesson-oriented modules covering all aspects of employee recognition and engagement.

These behaviour-focused 10-minute learning modules fall under five skill categories:
Appreciative Listening, Recognition Talking, Praiseworthy Actions, Rewarding Giving and Acknowledging Intent.

The average company loses anywhere from 13 to 15 out of every 100 workers each year.

There’s a price to pay for failing to retain employees: the average cost of turnover is 21 percent of an employee’s annual salary.

Vistance is a division of Rideau Recognition Solutions, a company comprised of more than 250 passionate people that helps Global

2000 employers inspire greatness in their people that leads to highly satisfied customers by using the power of recognition and rewards.

Rideau services clients around the world — including but not limited to: Canada, United States, Central and South American, Europe, the United Kingdom, China, India, Australia — through its head offices in Montreal & New York.