Imperative: Improve Engagement Now!

A few simple tactics can make a difference
on the bottom line

Although they’re in the minority  on a global basis our clients are already seeing the tangible benefits of employee recognition. Happier workers are innovating, and opening new paths to profit as a result. They’re also helping to train and empower new workers.

Specific results can vary from company to company, of course. What’s indisputable is the impact of well-conceived, deliberate recognition programs.

In organizations where recognition occurs,

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Employee engagement, Productivity and Customer service
are about 14 percent better than in those where recognition does not occur.

Embracing a company-wide emphasis on recognizing positive
work is delivering positive performance for our clients

Vistance Learning codifies the best ideas in recognition to help your teams
produce better results, with a toolkit that includes:

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To find out how Vistance Learning can help you develop a culture of positive performance either click in the link or call one of our specialist at 1-866-381-6372

Our comprehensive program for teaching recognition
practices that produce measurable results

The Solution: Vistance Learning

Vistance Learning is a transformative system for managers, helping them gain the skills they’re missing on a schedule that best fits their workday.

Rideau Recognition Solutions has decades of experience helping companies recognize and retain their best talent. In that time, we’ve measured what works and what doesn’t, codifying it all into what we call a Recognition Skills Assessment.

Each module was designed and developed by our in-house global recognition experts. Sessions are delivered in 10-minute-or-less lessons, concentrating learning without corrupting scheduled work.

Vistance Learning: Recognition Optimization At Your Fingertips Of course, no two managers are the same and each client demands varying levels of support. For this reason, Vistance Learning can be customized to offer:

Prescriptive learning development. Each program is tailored to each manager’s specific needs.

Comprehensive recognition support. Clients get unhindered access to learning modules, articles and other related content to help leaders and managers get recognition right the first time.

Embedded measurement. Every engagement begins and ends with evaluation to ensure improvement and provide a benchmark for ongoing professional development.

Accessibility. All learning modules are fully compliant with accessibility standards and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Get started with Vistance Learning right now by either clicking the link or calling one of our specialists at 1-866-381-6372.